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Your security is directly proportional to the awareness of your employees
  • Use Phishing simulation across your organization to train & profile user behavior.
  • With Unique Teachable Moments (UTM) and Gamified approach turn the weakest links into your HumanFirewallTM
  • Customized reporter button for Outlook, Lotus, GSuite and all common mail platforms including standard web browsers.
  • One trained employee can flag malicious emails and quarantine them to protect the entire organization in Real-Time.

Why Us?

One aware employee can protect the entire organization.

Unique Teachable Moments

Platform treats each employee individually. Unique teachable moments are created and delivered. Tests are conducted at the point of teaching.

Gamified Learning Approach

Rather than classroom training, the platform creates a game that is known to deliver unforgettable lessons.

Real-Time People Powered Security

Employee Finds, Employee Reports & the Platform protects by linking into the critical Internet Infrastructure to facilitate near real-time Phishing site takedowns.

Multi-Channel & Multi -Lingual

From Phishing to Vishing, to Smishing, to Whishing and beyond + Multi-lingual capability.

What Our Clients Say

The Training modules are just simply amazing. Super simple & crisp, sticks in your head and pretty fun. Even the non technical employees had a great time going through the trainings without any special assistance.

When we did our 1st simulation, almost 65% of our employees ended up falling for it, now in just 6 months, the fall rate is down to 2%. People are detecting fake mails like antiviruses. The moment a member spots it, they flag it, and the flagger blocks the email across the organization. This is just aussom.

Being a financial organization, it was very critical to provide our employees with proper training for such frauds. HumanFirewall did exactly the same. The simulations had an extreme level of variety, lessons were quick and simple, and the platform gave us beautiful reports pointing out just where we needed to focus more.

We (leading private sector bank) had tons of fraud cases with our customers on a regular basis. It was pretty difficult making the customers understand how not to fall in such phishes until HumanFirewall. We ran simple simulations and training for our customers and the response was just amazing. Our users felt safe and in good hands. They went through the trainings and guess what, we actually started lowering down the number of frauds.

We know your team really pushed hard for our custom requirements. I just want to say 'Thank You'.

It did what it said it will. Period. I can now proudly say that we have a strong human firewall in my organization. My employees are now indeed the strongest link in my internal security layer.

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